Motorcycle intercom bluetooth Cardo Edge Solo Edition spécial

Motorcycle intercom bluetooth Cardo Edge Solo Edition spécial



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Motorcycle intercom bluetooth Cardo Edge Solo Edition spécial

Cardo Systems and KTM have joined forces to launch a special edition of the PACKTALK EDGE. TheKTM PACKTALK EDGE is compact, lightweight and perfectly synchronized with the advanced technology, power and feel that KTM riders will feel through their handlebars.

The KTM PACKTALK EDGE is a high-end mobile communication and connectivity unit for riders and was created specifically for "orangeers" ready to share their experiences, whether it's tearing up the tarmac, terrorizing a runway or getting ruthless with a rut.

Using Dynamic Mesh Communication (DMC) software, up to 15 units can connect to the same signal with a range of up to 5 miles (1.6 miles pilot to pilot). The quality of the wideband intercom is combined with excellent speakers from the renowned supplier JBL and a new generation of noise-canceling microphones. The microphone allows pilots to take full advantage of the Natural Voice Operation engine, which means that the KTM PACKTALK EDGE can be activated by simple voice commands.

It features 13 hours of battery life, port USB-C and rapide charging as standard - a 20-minute rapide charge gives users two hours of driving time and 1.5 to 2 hours offers a full charge - and full compatibility with any KTM TFT* for FM radio (with six presets) orautres App options.

Real-time software updates via the appC

Additional Information

Brand Cardo
Color orange / black
Color Orange
Size One size - French sizes by default
Gender N/A
Age group N/A
Assortment Edge